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How Did Your Credit Score Today?

How Did Your Credit Score Today?

Keep Your Credit History Clean – Remove A Negative Credit Record From Your Credit Report. It can make a difference of up to 18% in loan repayment costs. For example, on a 30-year, $150,000 fixed rate mortgage, a borrower with the best credit score, 760-850, will pay 5.59%, or $860

Credit Score

How to Fix your Credit Score and Qualify for a Home Loan

How to Fix your Credit Score and Qualify for a Home Loan One might be wondering why some lenders turn down a mortgage application while some others might consider it fit for approval. The answer may well lie in the credit report and the credit score to be precise which

Bad Credit Credit Card

Bad Credit Credit Card- Offered By Many Companies

Check-books and paying with cash is becoming less frequent as more people are using plastic to pay for purchases. Debit cards are replacing checkbooks, and the use of credit cards is rising. Online shopping has helped fuel the need for a credit card. Unfortunately, people with bad credit are normally

Repair Your Credit

How To Use A Collection Agent To Repair Your Credit

Your credit report determines your credit rating. If you obtain a loan from a bank, credit card company or another loan establishment, your ability to make your payments on time is reported to a credit reporting agency. Credit reporting agencies then compile this financial information into a personalized credit report,

Insurance Credit Scoring: An Ethical Issue

Insurance Credit Scoring: An Ethical Issue

Insurance Credit Scoring: An Ethical Issue Credit scoring is a method of determining the likelihood that credit users will pay their bills. Fair, Isaac began its work with credit scoring in the late 1950s and, since then, scoring has become widely accepted by lenders as a reliable means of credit

Credit cards

Credit Cards And Your Credit History

Credit Cards For Anybody? Credit Cards are widespread all over the US as well as worldwide and are accepted Internationally as a very convenient mean of payment either in person at stores, via the phone and the Internet or on signed forms via the fax. Does anybody can obtain this

Credit Repair Company

Choose Your Credit Repair Company With Caution

Almost everyone has some kind of debt. Most people have credit cards, student loans, a mortgage, or car payments. Your timeliness in paying off these loans make up your credit history, something that people usually don’t think about until it’s too late and you are declined on an application. Your

Fix Your Credit Report

How To Fix Your Credit Report

Living with bad credit is stressful, but if you want to fix your credit report, there are several steps you can take. First, think positively about the solutions to your money problems – do not dwell on past failures and current debt. Then take the necessary actions to achieve a

How to Quickly Fix Your Bad Credit_

How to Quickly Fix Your Bad Credit?

Our credit history makes a great impact on our lives, beyond what may appear on the surface. For example, a good credit history will help us to easily obtain loans for a car, a house or other large items with lower interest rates; besides that, good credit history also helps

Improve Your Credit Rating

How To Improve Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating is something you shouldn’t take for granted. If left to spin out of control, it can cause serious repercussions that will follow you throughout your life. If your credit isn’t the best or could use improvement, here are a few ways how you can improve your credit