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Raise Your Credit Score

How to Evaluate and Raise Your Credit Score

Why do some people get offers for pre-approved credit cards and others to don’t? What do car dealers know about your financial health that you don’t know? The answer is your credit score. Your credit score is a number generated by a mathematical formula to estimate how likely you are

Increase Your Credit Through Credit Cards

Increase Your Credit Through Credit Cards

In order to build and maintain good credit, you must select, use, and pay on your credit cards, and other loans, wisely. Each step is important. Put them all together and your credit rating should rise. Make bad choices and you might hurt yourself in some surprising ways. When applying

Credit Score

When Your Credit Score Become Important?

Have you ever wonder why your online application for credit can be approved in 60 seconds? Or get a pre-qualified auto loan for a car without asking you how much is your income? Or why your interest rates on loans are different from the interest rates of your friends or

credit score does it matter

Credit Scoring – Does it Matter?

If the borrower has a satisfactory credit history and the ability to pay timely payments, the borrower may be considered a prime borrower and rated as an “A” borrower. In this case, the loan will be closed using standard mortgage documents referred to as “A paper”.  If he does not