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Bad Credit Card

The Bad Credit Card That May Do Good

The Bad Credit Card That May Do Good Millions of people use credit cards all around the world. A huge chunk of those users made mistakes when dealing with their credit cards. The consequence of the errors is costly. A lot end up in debt, and most of the time these are the people who rant about the credit card being the devil. But the fact of the matter is, this is not the case. When used properly, credit cards…

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Bad Credit Credit Cards

Bad Credit Credit Cards – Prepaid, Secured, or Unsecured

Bad credit, credit cards are just like regular credit cards but with much higher interest rates and usually an annual fee, sometimes $50 a year and higher. Bad credit, credit cards can save your credit or make it worse if you are not careful. Bad credit cards with guaranteed approval are available, but usually, these types of bad credit cards charge twice the amount in fees and interest rates. The average consumer needs to be sure they are mentally and…

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