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Credit Repair Philadelphia PA

When it comes to finding the very best companies in the important matter of credit repair Philadelphia, PA, consumers have a distinct advantage.


Because the reality is that repairing credit is not as simple as some credit repair companies make it sound. Where some traditional companies in the field are still focused on merely firing off paperwork to the credit reporting agencies to challenge possible errors in a client’s file, the industry leaders these days have moved on to a deeper, more comprehensive approach. One that’s built on a transparent and straightforward open door policy, that is.

Their thinking is–and a great deal of industry research backs it up–that a superficial credit report clean-up like those too many firms offer really doesn’t serve clients well for either the short term or the long run.

The Real Credit Repair Companies Know That Your Credit Score Is Not Just  A Number–And Neither Are You

In the first place, comprehensive credit repair requires a lot more than a form letter challenging an erroneous listing in a credit report. Credit reporting laws are complex, and it takes the careful attention of a knowledgeable professional to understand all of the ways credit reports may be out of compliance and unfair to consumers. The information in your credit report has to be accurate, of course, but by law, it also has to meet standards of fairness and timeliness, for example, that only an attentive professional is likely to know.

To put matters–and maybe your own credit situation–in perspective, consider that the average credit score in the city is 665, the average credit card debt is $6,820, and student loan debt is $33,536. Not surprisingly, then, when it comes to the need for credit repair Philadelphia PA is right up there with other recession-battered communities all over the nation.

That means you need personal attention to clear up your own unique situation, and you need easy access to your credit repair pro to keep the channels open and get all of your questions answered in a timely manner.

You need a forward-thinking expert with an open door, and that’s why it matters of credit repair, Philadelphia, PA residents have an edge.

Philadelphia, PA, is one of the few cities in the nation to have a field office of the industry-leading company Reliant Credit Repair, a firm that has made its mark by not only repairing your credit history better than others would, but also by empowering their clients to build a healthy, long-term relationship with credit.

Wherever you live, Reliant is always accessible and responsive via email or telephone, but Philadelphia PA clients have the added advantage of being able to visit the office at any time, taking advantage of the firm’s open door policy.

That means you can relate to your credit repair expert as a real person. But more important than that, it also means he or she can relate face-to-face to the real person you are.

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