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How to Fix your Credit Permanently

Our treacherous financial situation in this country like the infamous sub-prime mortgage meltdown has consumers wanting to get physically ill just thinking about it. This financial epidemic has not affected just personal lives, but a huge portion of “mom and pop” small business owners as well.

Losing their homes and business to foreclosure, losing their jobs, and losing their financial dignity has become the norm all across the country, especially in the big cities and the suburbs surrounding them (west and east).

Throw in the ever-weakening dollar and rising food and fuel prices we have, in the eyes of many Americans, a national crisis on our hands. Then what? Hire an over-priced debt consolidation company or an attorney too and fight for your credit’s survival. Sure, if you feel fine shelling out a small fortune from the money tree in your backyard.

Or, you could pay a company like Trade Line Solutions $5,000 (average cost) to attach your credit to a seasoned corporate revolving credit account(s). They say it will increase your credit score up to 200 points in 30 days, and it usually does. Although, how many people in a negative financial and credit situation, have that kind of money to lie out at their fingertips? Not many I would imagine. I guess that is where the budget comes into play.

You could easily go out to your local bookstore like Barnes and Nobles or Walden Books and purchase a “How To” for Consumer Credit Repair. Unfortunately, for this inexpensive solution (about $25), you still run the risk of unintentional and indirect misinformation due to the fact that the credit laws are ever-changing. A publisher may not update the books as fast as the credit law changes. It takes time to research changes, make the correct changes and editing, publish new books, recall old books (off the shelves), and deliver new books to the bookstores. By that time the law may have changed yet again.

The one solution I stand by for the many consumers with a moderate budget would be a Credit Repair E-Book / E-Kit. There are many reputable Credit Repair E-Books on the internet such as Credit Bible Secrets ($69) and Consumer Victory Credit’s – Credit Restoration E-Book as well. The growing favorite by far is definitely the latter. Consumer Victory Credit’s E-Book is a growing favorite among the consumer base due to the fact that its author is a seasoned Mortgage Banker and Private Real Estate Investor who has been feet on the ground in this field for over 10 years. In addition, the book is constantly updated with the correct credit laws and more importantly, it will only set you back about $10 bucks! Implementing these credit tactics will most certainly ensure permanent credit repair if applied correctly. There is light at the end of this dark financial tunnel and for many, it’s called Don’t take my word for it, you be the judge. Good luck in your quest for perfect credit.


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