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Credit Repair: Good Credit References

Unfortunately, there is no magic repair available today. You will need to dedicate a good deal of discipline, patience and effort to the task.

It will be a better idea to start with requesting copies of credit report from each of credit reference agencies. It is well known that Credit reference agencies do not make credit decisions. They only collect and give credit history and identifying information to potential lenders. If needed this information is also provided to potential credit employers.

The three credit reference agencies are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Most provinces provide at least one free credit report per year. You can often get your report by making a request through the automated telephone service, by regular mail and by email (in my view, a telephone request is the most easiest to get a credit report). When you get report, you must review it carefully for outdated information and errors. If you feel any problem with your credit report, you must report about it to credit companies in written. Include all supportive documentation you require to substantiate your claim.

If you are like a modern American you should have at least one negative credit reference on your report. These negative credit reference include such credit remarks as:

– Defaults (The lender has doubts that you will repay his owed funds.)
– Late Payments (It is better to pay early.)
– Liens or Judgments (Legal process by a lender to recover payment.)
– Repossessions.
– Bankruptcies.
– Excessive Credit Inquires.

As lenders don’t know you personally, they just believe on a system that allows them to make a better credit decisions. If you have been denied credit, it is not a personal matter it is just a business decision. After all, would you lend money to someone who has a history of paying it back late or absolutely not paying it back? Your answer will be no, you will not like to give money to person having negative credit references. Make a plan to develop some good credit references. As you will pay off your credits, your credit report will improve that will change lenders attitude for you.

Let’s start with the basics:

-Pay your bills early.
-Maintain accounts.
-Keep your head out of the sand.
-Consider online banking.

Each of these steps will help you to build good credit references with time.