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Refinancing After Bankruptcy – Tips For Getting Approved

Refinancing after bankruptcy can be your first step toward reestablishing your credit. With your loan secured by your home, you can qualify for relatively low rates. Improving your application with time, assets, and terms will also help lower rates.

1. Get Your Credit Report In Order

Before starting your search for a refi lender, make sure that your credit report is up to date and accurate. Often with a bankruptcy discharge, there can be mistakes or errors regarding account standings. To qualify for the best rates, it’s important that all information is correct. Notify the reporting agency if you notice any problems.

You can get a free copy from one of the credit reporting agencies or through a credit monitoring company. At this time you may also want to request your credit score to see where you stand. Scores of 650 or above qualify you for conventional rates, while anything below falls into subprime lending.

2. Enhance Your Application

Time is the best way to decrease the significance of bankruptcy. Optimally, waiting two years allows you to qualify for conventional mortgage rates. But even waiting six months to a year can trim two to four points off your loan.

Other ways to boost your qualifications is to have little debt, significant cash reserves, and a large income. Selecting favorable terms, such as an adjustable rate mortgage, can also help.

If you simply want to cash out your equity, look into other types of loans, such as a line of credit or a second mortgage. These types of credit have lower closing costs with different tax deduction benefits.

3. Search For The Best Financing Offer

Almost anyone can get approved for refinancing, even after a bankruptcy. What you really want to focus on is getting the best financing offer. To extend your search to include regional names and broker recommendations.

Ask for loan estimates on rates and closing costs. Compare the numbers and read the details. Select only the loan that offers you the best deal possible. The time invested now will pay you dividends in savings for years to come.

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