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A Card for Those Who Have Poor Credit

Don’t you just hate it when these big-name credit card companies keep turning down your application for a credit card simply because of some financial mistakes or missed payments that you made in the early years of your career, which adversely affected your credit rating? If only you could speak to the account officer handling new applications and politely inform him that you have long since settled those debts and, now that you are gainfully employed, can handle the responsibilities a credit card brings, right? Well, you don’t have to go to such extremes and you don’t have to hope for a miracle because yes, you still can have a credit card. It may not be one of the major ones, but it still is a credit card.

Several credit card companies offer people who have the misfortune of having a less than stellar credit rating a chance to own their own bit of plastic money. The rise of these non-mainstream credit card companies may have been caused by the demand created by those who did not pass the stringent requirements of the big – name players. The credit cards provided by these companies still function like a regular credit card: these have pre-determined credit limits; are accepted in various retail establishments; give cardholders periodic increase in credit limits (naturally this would still depend on your performance as a cardholder and your capacity to pay) and may probably even have a form of rewards program. Cardholders enjoy almost the same benefits as those who hold well-known credit cards. But what’s good about these non-mainstream cards is that they still report to the three major credit rating bureaus and, if you pay promptly and maintain your good standing, these cards will, in time, help improve your credit rating.

If you believe that these card companies only offer one kind of card for all possible clients, then you are mistaken because they do carry different kinds of credit cards, even for those who have been classified with poor credit ratings. There are standard cards for regular clients, and silver, gold, and even platinum cards, which not only offer higher credit limits but also provide more security privileges and benefits, for customers who need more to sustain their lifestyle. If you’re concerned about international acceptance, you don’t have to worry because most of these credit cards are recognized by Mastercard.

If you feel that you really need and deserve a credit card but keep hitting a brick wall when you approach the more established and more popular credit card companies, why not consider using one of these non-mainstream credit cards at least for the meantime. They may not have the same appeal as the big name brands but as long as you get a similar service, would the name even matter? Who knows, maybe after you’ve gotten used to carrying these cards, you may not want to give these up for one of the high profile credit cards you originally wanted.

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